Smart contract defines true love

True love chain is oriented to the majority of single men and women.

It adopts the unique anti-counterfeiting features of the blockchain and the privacy protection features to ensure that everyone's information is true and effective.

Its unique blockchain month-old system can pass the intelligent collision algorithm and pass the block love suitability.

Matching, matching single men and women, matchmaking for the majority of single men and women, eliminating all kinds of malpractices of marriage agencies.

  • True love smart hardware

    True love smart hardware has a series of advantages of traditional smart hardware. At the same time, True love smart hardware uses AI blockchain chip to make smart hardware and blockchain technology a perfect spark, and will block the security, anonymity and decentralization of the blockchain. The characteristics of chemistry are fully demonstrated through the landing products.

Project Benefits

  • Modular features

    The TLC platform is a set of support for consensus, databases, actuators, etc., pluggable, and easy Upgraded blockchain architecture. TLC creatively supports a layered architecture, and the main chain is responsible for serving Clearing, smart contracts and virtual machines are separated from the main chain and placed on the parachain for independent execution Yes, multiple parallel chains coexist to improve computing efficiency. And the parallel chains are realized through the main chain Inter-chain interconnection. Simply put, two directions can be used to summarize the characteristics of the TLC platform architecture. Point, that is, from the perspective of vertical expansion, TLC has consensus, database, and executor (combined About) characteristics.

  • TLC service module

    Divided into client, RPC module, Mempool module, consensus module, executor module, P2P module, Blockchain module, encrypted signature module.

  • Random number support

    In order to reflect fairness on the blockchain, a random number that cannot be predicted is needed. The current blockchain generally has the following implementation schemes:
    1. Call an external centralized random number generator to obtain random numbers in the contract;
    2. Use certain values in the block hash as random numbers.

  • Super node

    In order to improve the performance of the blockchain, many developers and project parties in the market expect to adopt the DPOS (Proof of Share Authorization Mechanism) consensus, that is, to select several super nodes with computing power and broadband support on the chain. These super nodes must The service information is packaged into the block, and the block information is broadcast to other nodes, the service information is stored in the block, and the function of jointly governing the community is played.

  • Privacy support

    The non-tamperable and distributed nature of blockchain technology can indeed prevent users' privacy from being controlled by centralized institutions, leading to problems such as being trafficked and hacked, but the open and transparent ledger has exposed massive user data on the chain. , The privacy problem is still like an attic in the sky, and has not been fundamentally resolved.

Product planning

  • Smart belt head

    True love smart belt head has GPS real-time positioning function, can send instructions through APP to know the user's location in real time. In addition, the bracelet also has a built-in "safe area warning" function. The system can automatically record the location where the wearer frequently visits. If it exceeds the safe area, it will send a reminder to the other party's mobile phone. The location information and remote start recording are absolutely "anti-derailment, frequent A great weapon of "chagang".

  • Smart jewelry

    True love smart jewelry (bracelet, necklace, earrings, etc.) also has GPS remote positioning, active alarm, active recording functions, and a built-in intelligent vibration sensor chip, which can sense regular vibrations caused by abnormal conditions to determine whether the wearer is in a certain Special sports state.